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    Be part of an innovative and diverse team

    If you dare to challenge yourself and explore your passion for technology, we invite you to work at the most dynamic and successful company.

    Why work with us?

    As a beacon of improvement and empowerment, Upscalix focuses not only on helping our clients but also on improving our staff. We implement a work climate where staff can share their ideas and explore their unique talent while helping us gain more success than before.

    We provide self-development training, all-access information, support and funding unique business ideas. We want our staff to see their job -as a duty and as a chance to improve their skill.

    Our Values

    To keep improving our capability, we hold some values in our company, such as:


    We genuinely listen to our client’s needs to find what’s best for them. We act based on their input and adapt it to the client’s business.


    Everyone in the company is committed to achieving their best performance. Also, we always take full responsibility for our job.


    We know we’re not perfect, and we’re so aware of our limits. Hence, we always learn many things to get better ahead.


    We lead the process, update progress details to the client periodically, and let clients work with us on every process stage.


    We encourage our employers to grow by offering a clear path for personal and professional growth. Also, we positively impact our community so that our actions can empower people.

    Company Culture

    Work Life Balance

    We believe a happy person can perform a well-rounded job, so we implement a work-life balance system in our office. We have flexible working hours that allow our staff to manage their work and personal matters alternately.

    Process Driven

    We monitor every step of the project thoroughly, review it, and document it so our staff can see it and use it as a learning process.

    Good Quality of Work

    Our software has been proven to save more than 100
    hours/month, increase revenue by more than 30%, and
    decrease expenses by more than 15%.


    In our company, everybody can be the pioneer of improvement. We hope that everyone in the company can grow into their best version.

    Employee Voices

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