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    About Us

    Upscalix was founded by two techs savvies who want to create a significant impact on the world through technology. Started as a small business in Dockland, Melbourne, it is now growing as one of the most trusted and responsive digital solution companies in Australia, specialising in software system integration, website, and mobile app development. With the motto “what matters the most”, we’re driven to create software that can simplify your mundane jobs so you have more time to take care of what matters to you.

    Why Choose Us?

    We focus on what matters the most to you. Our team of experts will work closely with you to break down your goals and needs so that we can tailor our service to you.


    increase in revenue and retention


    years cumulative experience


    decrease in company expense


    Earn reliability by matching our service with customers’ expectations every time.


    Our team members are well-equipped to handle the multi-device world we live in and fast response to customers’ inquiries.


    We always build every application based on your needs and develop it from scratch. Our bespoke software and development approach is what sets us apart from the competition.


    We offer high quality yet competitively-priced services compared to other service providers.


    Locally owned business based in Melbourne, soon to be an Australia-wide company.



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    Technical Director


    Virtual CFO



    General Manager
    Charisa Afia Oktaviani


    Project Manager


    Technical Lead



    and 20+ more


    satisfied clients


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    global offices


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    What Clients Say About Us

    Upscalix has helped many businesses in Melbourne to achieve their goals with our personalised bespoke software and we're confident we can help yours as well.


    We are proud to be a socially-conscious company that cares deeply about what we do, how we do it, and whom we’re doing it for.

    Holding Charity Event

    We have received so many blessings, and we want to pass them on to people around us. So, we decided to hold regular themed charity events twice a year.

    To celebrate the International Day of Person with Disability, our office in Semarang, Indonesia, held a charity event at Dual Disability Orphanage Bhakti Asih, Semarang, on 4th December 2021. We know how hard these disabled children struggle to survive alone without family. Thus, despite what happens to them, we want them to know that they are worthy, cared for, and loved.

    On 29th July 2022, we visited Tarbiyatul Yatim Orphanage Semarang to commemorate Children’s Day. We donated money and school equipment, organise games, and teach children English. Putting a smile on their faces and giving them one-on-one attention that they may crave makes all our efforts worthwhile.

    Being Part of Sizeable Australian Business Communities

    Networking is our specialty. As part of two immense Australian business communities- BNI (Business Network International) Australia and Victoria Chamber of Commerce- we like to use that to help our local business grow. We refer local companies to other business owners, so everyone can meet their needs while developing their company.

    Startup Support And Funding

    Young age is a golden time to try everything, including starting your dream in the digital industry. Unfortunately, financial aid usually becomes an obstacle since some investors do not want to risk their money by funding start-up or young entrepreneurs.

    At Upscalix, we think and behave differently. We have faith in young entrepreneurs and start-up companies that they can help us shape this future’s industry by giving fresh insight and more innovations. Thus, we are glad to offer opportunities by providing input and business funding through start-up incubators or university partners.

    Free Website Promo Business Communities

    A healthcare application needs to be improved to facilitate patients getting better health treatment. However, having a limited budget, many healthcare applications have poor features or run manually. We are concerned about this, so we are glad to give great deals to disability and public health organisations as a movement to increase society’s wellness rate. One of our works is with Flair & Fine Care, an Australian disability services provider. We gave appealing discounts to build their website and application. Besides making their work more accessible and efficient, this app can facilitate their patients to get the best treatment and get medical assistance in the most convenient way.

    Providing Health Care System

    Our passion is to increase others’ life quality and overall wellness. We intend to focus on those with disabilities and rare diseases often underserved in our society.

    However, we don’t want our impact to last only a short time. To create something which lasts for a long time, we create a one-stop-solution mobile application called ASCA Sickle App.

    This application helps sickle disease patients check their condition, get health treatment services, and provide entertainment through mindfulness games. We create this app as easy as possible so patients and non-patients can access it easily.