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    System Integration

    We create an integration that enables your legacy system work together with the latest ones to help your business be more organised and produce higher productivity.


    Go beyond limitations with custom system integration from Upscalix. We help integrate companies’ current system and connect it with new and improved ideas to work seamlessly using custom APIs. Upscalix provides custom solutions for CRM systems, accounting systems, and many more.

    Effective Supply Chain System

    We implement technology that provides you with an effective supply chain system that will reduce time, waste, and cost of production.

    Quick and Simple App Feature

    We create a system that will make your business easier to run than before, so you can have a higher and better output.


    Upscalix has extensive years of experience in providing automation services to minimise cost and optimise performance.

    System Integration Development FAQs

    These are the questions frequently asked to us. Do you have the same question?

    Why is system integration important?

    It is essential because, by integration, we can connect different existing software and applications within your business, allowing them to work together smoothly. This integration improves efficiency by automating processes, reduces errors by ensuring consistent data across all systems, and provides a unified view of your business operations, making it easier to make informed decisions and respond quickly to changes.

    What is an example of system integration?

    Connect your e-commerce platform with your inventory and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. When a customer places an order online, the integration automatically updates inventory levels, triggers order processing, and updates customer records in the CRM. This flow of information ensures accurate stock levels, timely order fulfilment, and improved customer service.

    Can we integrate the new system with SaaS?

    Yes, we can integrate your new system with any SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions as long as they provide options for integration. This typically means the SaaS provider offers APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or other tools that allow their software to connect with other systems.


    We create solutions that make your business less effort and gain higher revenue