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    Custom Software

    Deliver uniqueness in you through practical and valuable digital products that meet your business needs.


    Custom software allows you to fulfil your business requirements while simultaneously improving performance. Upscalix brings you custom software service which is specifically designed for you. Besides boosting productivity, it can provide security against external threats and save your business more money in the long term.

    Custom Web Application

    We develop a web-based app using cloud-based technology to cater to your specific business operations, highlight your uniqueness so that you can grab customers’ attention, and adapt your business to change.

    Custom Mobile Application

    Our expertise is in developing mobile software which can help you increase brand engagement. Whether for iOS, Android, or a hybrid mobile platform, we can provide a one-stop solution that boosts your business performance.

    Business Automation Software

    We offer you a complete automation solution from IT to the business processes. With Upscalix business automation software, you can eliminate human error, speed up the work process and save time.

    Custom Software Development FAQs

    These are the questions frequently asked to us. Do you have the same question?

    What is custom software development?

    Custom software development is a tailored process that involves creating software solutions specifically designed to meet your business’s unique needs. The process begins with goal and ideation, where we understand your business objectives and conceptualise the software’s purpose. Next, we move into the design phase. After the design is approved, our team proceeds with coding, turning the design into a functional software application. Finally, the software undergoes rigorous testing before deployment, ensuring it integrates smoothly into your business operations.

    How much does custom software development cost?

    Custom software development prices vary greatly. They depend on the complexity of the project, the special features you need, and the amount of work it will take. Every project is

    unique, so we will give you a development cost estimation based on your specific needs. For a detailed estimate, please tell us more about your project.

    Can we make customer relationship management software?

    At Upscalix, we specialise in developing custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software based on your business needs. Our custom CRM solutions are designed to help you manage customer interactions, monitor your customers’ journey, and improve their satisfaction. We can create a CRM system that integrates smoothly with your existing operations and enhances your ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships.


    Cannot meet your business challenge? Our software can handle it for you.