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    Our Services

    We build customised digital solutions that deliver exactly how your customer needs.

    Upscalix believes in productivity, efficiency and sustainability. From removing paper processes, eliminating human errors, creating designs that win customers’ attention, to driving productivity from operator or system user (UX), Upscalix helps transform your business into a digital platform to save time, increase revenue and upscale your business.

    Mobile App Development

    Be more visible, build louder brand awareness, and deliver more values to your customers in a handy version.

    Immersive Website

    Delivering your digital content to life in the best possible way and improving customers’ experience through great features.

    Web Applications

    Want to streamline your business processes? We have custom-built web applications that can make this happen for you. From inventory management systems to online stores, we’re experts at web app creation!

    Company Profile Website

    We create a website for your business that will help you deliver your message and improve your online presence with its sleek design and easy navigation.

    Custom Plugins

    Whether it’s an animated banner, interactive data visualisation, or new add-ons, we got you covered to fulfil your business needs and provide a better user experience for your customers.

    System Integration

    We create an integration that enables your legacy system work together with the latest ones to help your business be more organised and produce higher productivity.

    White-Label Partnership

    We leverage your business to the max while giving you time to do what matters the most to you.

    Custom Software

    Delivering the uniqueness in you through the effective and valuable digital products that meet your business needs.

    Our tools and technologies

    Our persistent team and industry partners give you access to an substantial network of services, tools, and technologies.

    Don’t leave your great idea unattended!

    Send us an email!