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    Solace Sessions

    Solace set out to revolutionise sauna booking for gym members, aiming to simplify the processes and enhance the overall experience. Serving as the essential link between gym members and gym owners, Solace envisioned a seamless booking solution. With Upscalix's expertise, this vision became a reality by developing a user-friendly mobile app dedicated exclusively to sauna reservations.


    Health and Wellness


    Mobile Application


    Mobile Application
    solace sessions mockups
    The Challenge
    Solace faced challenges in developing an efficient sauna booking system that effectively addresses gym members' user experience concerns, particularly regarding convenience and accessibility. Our client requires a solution that is convenient and accessible through a mobile application rather than a website or online form. This preference arises from the mobile application's ability to allow gym members as users to book sauna sessions on the go, anytime and anywhere, without relying on desktop or laptop access. Also, integrating the Solace Sessions Booking App with the existing gym management system requires compatibility and synchronisation.
    solace sessions mockups
    The Solution
    We helped Solace problems by developing the Solace Sessions Booking App, a dynamic solution tailored not only for gym members but also catering to gym owners seeking to enhance their facilities with sauna installations. Our app seamlessly integrates booking processes, ensuring smooth and convenient experiences for users and proprietors alike.
    solace sessions mockups
    The Results
    The Solace Sessions Booking App allows gym members to effortlessly book, pay for, and access sauna sessions, elevating their overall experience. Plus, gym owners can feel reassured as the app seamlessly integrates sauna facilities into their offerings, ensuring they stay ahead in providing high-level amenities without disrupting their existing systems.
    solace sessions mockups

    Technologies Used

    typescript logo

    TypeScript is designed for the development of large applications and transpiles to JavaScript.

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    Express.js, or simply Express, is designed to build web applications and APIs.

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    Prisma provides the best experience to work and interact with databases.

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    JavaScript is used for creating web pages. It allows us to add dynamic behaviour to the webpage and add special effects to the webpage.

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    Sequelize ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) is a helper tool for programmers creating applications that need databases.

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    We used Next.js as a front-end for building the User Interface with Server Side Rendering (SSR) support.

    Stripe is a SaaS that offers payment processing software and APIs for e-commerce web and mobile app.

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    React Native is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework that we use to build natively-rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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    Using PostgreSQL’s object-oriented features, programmers can communicate with database servers using objects in their code and define complex custom data types.