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    Set the Scene Property Management

    Set the Scene Property Management is a one-stop property maintenance service that offers any solution (i.e., plumbing, painting, electrical, glazing, etc.) for commercial or residential needs in Australia.




    Company Profile Web


    Company Profile Web
    The Challenge
    There were so many similar services available in Australia. The company wanted a company profile that gave them more exposure to their uniqueness without being too much. The problem was there were so many things to be written on the website, but we must have been able to keep it simple.
    The Solution
    Upscalix developed a muted-colored website to create a simple effect and make the user more focused on the contents. We combined it with green color to inform the reader of the plus value of this service, which was environmentally friendly. We chose WordPress because it’s easier to use than other websites. To speak their uniqueness, we put the contents in bullet points to be more concise.
    The Results
    By having this website, the company could showcase all the services they had in an attractive way. They didn’t need to float the landing pages with words, which meant it could make readers comfortable to enjoy the contents. The longer they stay, the better their understanding of their service.

    Technology Used

    WordPress is a CMS written in hypertext preprocessor language paired with a MySQL or MariaDB.