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    Safety Roof Anchors

    Safety Roof Anchors is a company that provides abseiling services and rope access on a high-rise building in Australia. They offer a novel approach to high-level work such as window cleaning, roof maintenance, or fixings. They also sell some products to help people work in a high environment.




    Company Profile Web


    Company Profile Web
    The Challenge
    Safety Roof Anchors wanted to extend a helping hand to gain more customers with high-quality products and services. The company's challenge was how to deliver products, educate about installation instructions, and build brand trust at the same time.
    The Solution
    Since the specification of each product was quite a lot, we created a greyish website combined with the power of white space to create a sleek design. It made light display effect in a long-sentenced content. We picked WordPress as its platform to keep the website secure. To build trust in the service, we created some menus that could educate the visitors and establish the company's credibility all at once.
    The Results
    Since the launch of its website, Safety Roof Anchors has gained more revenue streams and an online presence. They could build brand trust since people could explore and access their services anytime and anywhere.

    Technology Used

    WordPress is a CMS written in hypertext preprocessor language paired with a MySQL or MariaDB.