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    Upscalix built a comprehensive custom application that leads to a more effective and efficient operational routine.




    Mobile App


    Mobile App

    The Challenge

    MoRe wanted to create a mobile application to connect the client with property landlords and gave details about the repair process to gather information for the next acquired action.

    The Solution

    Upscalix built a mobile management application to cover all the tasks an agent should do. We created an innovative application to manage the property's schedules, updates, and financial statements. Additionally, we also developed a messaging feature to accommodate each party involved in communicating. MoRe was equipped with a panel admin to manage users and schedules easily.

    The Results

    MoRe property management application helped agents, tenants, and landlords to connect. The application could replace the manual management system with an automated system to speed up the process and shorten their tasks during property management. With a user-friendly interface, this application can facilitate the high mobility of a property agent.

    Technologies Used

    React Native is a real JavaScript framework that offers real, localized mobile applications for iOS and Android.
    Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework intended for the development of web applications.
    Intercom specializes in business messaging, providing businesses with a way to chat with their customers.