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    JMAX Engineering is a custom metal fabrication, welding services, and repair located in Melbourne, Australia, serving business and resident needs. Their specialty is turning raw steel or aluminium metal into products such as snorkels, toolboxes, canopies, fencing, vehicle body customisation, etc.




    Application/Custom Software


    Application/Custom Software
    The Challenge
    JMAX had a high volume of orders coming through. Being ineffective, they wanted to automate their order workflow from incoming order, handling process, monitoring the progress, until finishing the order process through one application.
    The Solution
    We created a web-based application that could facilitate and integrate the open collaboration among various sections in the production flow, so there would be no delay in workflow due to order accumulation in particular phases. We developed three views for the admin, the manufacturer (fabricator), and the dispatcher. Each of them, except the admin, could only see the relevant task and assign the job to the next worker.
    The Results
    After full of hard work, we successfully created an automation task management application that could distribute, monitor and report the job in real-time so that the company could avoid delays in production due to order accumulation. It allowed the company to increase productivity since it supported workers' collaboration in every phase. Also, it provides information on every line of production and inventory stock that the organization could use to increase its service.
    The Results

    Technologies Used

    Node.js is an open-source back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on a JavaScript Engine.

    React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components.

    React Native is a real JavaScript framework that offers real, localized mobile applications for iOS and Android.

    SMS Integration

    Email Integration