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    Flair and Fine

    Flair and Fine Care is an organisation that serves the elderly and disabled by providing personal care for them.




    Mobile App


    Mobile App

    The Challenge

    Our client wanted a tool to accommodate the collaboration between our client and their partner (caretaker). The device must have been able to monitor, count, and manage the caretakers' and clients' data.

    The Solution

    The app could help our clients improve their service's effectiveness and efficiency. Our client could monitor the shift and replace the vacant shift immediately. This app also accommodated open collaboration and transparency between our client and their partners, providing sustainable and beneficial cooperation.

    The Results

    Upscalix created a web app admin panel and mobile app for iOS and Android to accommodate the collaboration between our client and the caretakers. Our client used the admin panel to manage caretakers' shifts, information, timesheets, clients, and data system. While the app was used by the caretakers to see their schedule and tasks, track their working hours, record their shifts, and provide all detail about their client data.

    Technologies Used

    Express.js is a back end web application framework for building RESTful APIs with Node.js.

    Next.js is an open-source web development framework enabling React-based web applications.

    React Native is a real JavaScript framework that offers real, localized mobile applications for iOS and Android.