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    Consultnote AI development

    Consultnote AI

    Consultnote AI sought to develop an AI for doctor consultations and patient recommendations based on consultation scripts. With Upscalix's expertise in AI development, including NLP algorithms and machine learning models, Consultnote AI-enhanced its platform significantly.




    Website Application


    Website Application
    Consultnote AI development by Upscalix
    The Challenge
    Our client faced hurdles in developing an efficient AI system that accurately interprets doctor-patient consultations and provides relevant recommendations. They needed a solution that could understand complex medical dialogues and offer valuable insights to healthcare professionals.
    Consultnote AI for medical practitioners
    The Solution
    Consultnote AI partnered with Upscalix for their proven track record in AI development and understanding of healthcare technology challenges. Upscalix developed natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, machine learning models, and personalised recommendation systems. These enhancements significantly improved Consultnote AI's platform capabilities. When a patient arrives, the doctor can open the app, which will then transcribe their consultation. The AI will then provide recommendations based on the transcription.
    Consultnote AI developed by Upscalix
    The Results
    Upscalix collaborated with Consultnote AI from October 2023 for six months period. During this Upscalix worked closely with them to design, develop, and implement the AI-powered consultation system. As a result, Consultnote AI successfully launched its AI-powered doctor consultation platform, achieving the following: - 30% increase in consultation efficiency - 20% reduction in consultation time - 25% improvement in the accuracy of medical recommendations
    Consultnote AI mockup by Upscalix

    Technologies Used

    Node JS Logo

    We use Node.js as a backend Javascript runtime environment.

    NextJS Logo

    We used Next.js as a front-end for building the User Interface with support of Server Side Rendering (SSR).

    We used Stripe as the payment gateway for handling user payments.

    directus logo

    We used Directus as the headless CMS to manage user data, application configuration, etc.

    gpt logo

    GPT is used as the foundation of AI to give recommendations to patients.

    google stt

    Google STT is used to recognise speech and transcript consultations between medical practitioners and patients.