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    Chainshoper is a company in Melbourne, Australia, that offers you the most convenient way to shop. They provide personal shopper, delivery, and courier service for locals. They want to create a new and better way for people to shop.


    Food and Travel


    Mobile App


    Mobile App

    The Challenge

    Coordinating with many parties in the shopping and delivery process is challenging. Chainshopper wanted to build a mobile app that could facilitate the collaboration between the company, the customers, the driver, and the shop or restaurant. It must have been able to give a real-time update about the ongoing order and also allowed them to communicate very well to support the service.

    The Solution

    We created a mobile application based on two platforms, Android and iOS, to provide flexibility for the dev team to build the best service and reach more comprehensive users. Since this app was supposed to accommodate collaboration among related parties, we created different user interfaces for the admin, the driver, the customer, and the merchant. The Chainshopper app was equipped with a map that could assist the driver to find out where the merchant was and give the customer information about the driver's location. With real-time tracking and updates, the users could easily monitor the order's progress.

    The Results

    By using this app, Chainshopper could provide a better customer experience in shop and delivery service. It could bring the service closer to the customer, create more sales conversion, give the ordering process effectiveness, increase productivity, and increase customer experience that could boost customers' loyalty.

    Technologies Used

    Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel.

    Google Maps is a web mapping platform from Google that offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, etc.

    iOS is a mobile operating system exclusively for Apple products.

    Twilio provides programmable communication tools for phone calls, sending, and receiving text messages.

    PHP is a general-purpose scripting language geared toward web development.

    Stripe is a SaaS that offers payment processing software and APIs for e-commerce web and mobile app.