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    Upscalix Attendance at the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2024


    May 1, 2024
    australian small business champion awards 2024

    Upscalix, a prominent software development company based in Melbourne, recently participated in the 2024 Australian Small Business Champion Awards, an event that celebrates the achievements of small businesses across Australia.   

    “This year’s awards attracted an impressive number of submissions, reflecting the diverse and thriving landscape of small businesses in Australia,” noted Steve Loe, Awards Founder and Managing Director of Precedent Productions. “We received more than 5500 submissions from cities, rural areas, regional towns, and suburban communities across every state and territory.”  

    Upscalix, despite not winning the award, views this experience as a testament to our resilience and determination. It’s a valuable opportunity that has further enhanced our services and showcased our unwavering dedication to innovation and client satisfaction.  

    Participating in events like the Australian Small Business Champion Awards is a belief deeply ingrained in Upscalix’s culture. While Upscalix didn’t win this time, we are grateful for the opportunity to engage with other industry leaders and gain invaluable insights. These learnings will undoubtedly enable us to serve our clients even better in the future.  

    Upscalix remains committed to pushing boundaries and driving digital innovation in the IT development sector.

    Contact our team here for more information about Upscalix and our innovative software solutions.  

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