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    We ensure that our service is accessible for everyone. We promote fair technology implementation for the use of those with disabilities, their caretakers, and their families to improve their quality of life.


    There is often conversation surrounding digital transformation in several industries, but so few of them touch on the importance of digitisation for the nonprofit sector. Digital transformation can help nonprofit staff conduct their work more effectively and efficiently, improve their services and reach a wider range of people to engage in their mission.

    By implementing technology to the disabled, we hope to improve user experience by removing paper processes and changing them to digital ones. Also, the app can facilitate communication between the disabled and their healthcare providers.

    How We Can Help

    To provide better support and make the service process easier, we would love to assist you with:

    Monitoring System

    In Australian Sickle Cell Advocacy (ACSA) application, we create a monitoring system where the healthcare can save and track the patient medical record to perform pre-diagnosis. Thus, the patient can use it to identify the best time to get the treatment.

    Employee Management System

    An employee management system will help the institution allocate the employees effectively, so there is no more employer shortage in certain areas.

    Appointment Management

    An online appointment management system will help patients and non-patients make medical book reservations easily.

    Case Study

    Flair and Fine Care

    Flair and Fine Care is the web and mobile app that we built to provide more dependable and accessible healthcare service.
    We help our customers to enhance data management to increase employment engagement and staff optimisation.


    Upscalix helps businesses or individuals generate better outcomes and automate tasks, so you can spend time on what matters the most