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    Helping the manufacturing industry promote an effective and efficient work environment through a cloud-based solution and the latest technology.


    To stay competitive, adopting digital transformation in your business can be a good solution. On the other hand, it can be challenging to transform your business into a digital format because it implements new tools and technology. Still, digitalisation also changes how you operate your business.

    Upscalix, a Melbourne based digital solution agency, is ready to boost your revenues in less effort by providing a total digital solution for manufacturing business such as providing optimisation of supply chain management, precise and rapid analytic system and user-friendly asset tracking tools.

    We welcome you to discuss together from scratch what matters the most to you, and we’ll take care of it right away.

    How We Can Help

    To achieve an effective work system in the manufacturing industry, we implement the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). It enables the exchange of data and communication through devices connected to the internet, for instance, computers or smartphones, in these aspects below:

    Integrated Job Allocation System

    Covid-19 has changed the industry a lot. Work from home forces this industry to use a system that can be accessed anywhere, including job allocation. Upscalix created a job allocation system that allows everyone to know their assigned job, status, and due date. When they have finished their parts, they can also pass the product to other sections with ease.

    One-Stop-Solution Order Workflow

    Upscalix has created a one-stop-solution that will handle the incoming order, process it in the backlog, report the order’s status in detail, and allow the admin to track the order while it’s shipped. The user can find all the features in a single application with a super friendly UI/UX.

    Inventory Stock Report

    Running out of inventory stock while catching the production target can drive you nuts. To avoid it, we created a system where the admin can view the inventory stock quantity in-house and from the subcontractors in one application.

    Case Study


    We created this app to accommodate more effective and efficient workflow. Their employers and staff can track their job details, responsibilities, its status, and time management with ease.


    Transform your business into a digital platform; save time, increase revenue and upscale your busines