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    We use digital transformation to reduce the uncertainty in the financial industry’s projects and give you more control over your customers’ business, clarity, and security.


    When we are talking about investment business, we are talking about a fast-paced industry, and undoubtedly technology can do some favors to make the company stay competitive.

    Technology, such as AI and big data, can help forecast trends and deliver better investment insight. When combined with robots, the company can provide better customer personalised service. The problem is finding the right technology for investment can be challenging.

    Ideal investment technology is the one that can combine the system with a human’s work. Upscalix, a Melbourne-based digital solution, can help you provide custom software and applications for your business. We’ll help you find what matters the most to you and get you the needed tools.

    How We Can Help

    To help you have complete control of your investment product, we accommodate you with custom solutions such as:

    Website development

    Combined with high functionality buttons and easy-to-manage navigation, we create a web that makes your customers explore all website contents easily and comfortably.

    Seamless Integration

    Offer a system that can collect, store, and manage the data to provide more effective and efficient work.

    Personalised Application

    Provide a custom application system that can fulfill the needs of your business. We will assist you from scratch until you are satisfied with our work

    Case Study

    Jewel Hunter

    We collaborated with JewelHunter to build the branding, website, admin panel, and mobile app to integrate all their needs regarding stocks.
    With the help of our services, JewelHunter can streamline the business process and gain more partners that can improve their revenue also credibility.


    We create your customised solution to help you stay competitive in the business.