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    Reshaping how the medical staff interacts with patients by creating innovative software to improve healthcare quality.


    For a long time, the healthcare industry has been challenged by several problems such as healthcare staff scarcity, medical access limitations, ageing populations, and recently changing patient behaviour. Implementing innovations such as digital healthcare transformation can be the best answer to overcome those challenges, provide better service and stay competitive with others.

    Digital healthcare will redefine how medical staff make themselves available for the services. Besides being more accessible for the patient to get home medical support through the app, the integrated health system will allow them to choose needed healthcare services.

    For the business itself, digitation can improve operational and clinical discernment. Artificial intelligence can increase medical care operational efficiency and predict risk.

    How We Can Help

    To improve the quality of healthcare services, we implement some features, such as:

    Providing Real-Time Visibility of Medical Asset Through Mobile Application

    To elevate people’s health quality, we implement the use of AI to help diagnose patients, monitor their latest condition, and manage their medical records. Our AI algorithms will evaluate the patient’s record history and predict the risk of the disease based on the previous information.

    We also provide a feature where healthcare can check and update the health license of their workers to avoid health policy infringement.

    Integrating Medical Services and Practitioners

    We seamlessly develop a platform that can connect the medical care facilities, devices, and health practitioners to provide the patients’ information and medical service availability by clicking the buttons.

    Improving Customer Experiences

    We want to gain patients’ engagement with their healthcare provider by creating features to book the appointment or pay the bill through mobile and web applications. These conveniences will make them feel that service is worth their money.

    Case Study

    Flair and Fine Care

    Flair and Fine Care is the web and mobile app that we built to provide more dependable and accessible healthcare service. We help our customers to enhance data management to increase employment engagement and staff optimisation.


    We use technology to create more smiles on your face