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    Food and Travel

    Digital transformation can help improve your company’s productivity by digitising your company’s manual tasks and providing faster data distribution.


    Tourism and hospitality industries, such as restaurants, are business sectors that require coordination among a wide range of products and services. They need technology that can manage and process a large amount of data quickly and share it seamlessly with across different parties. Transforming business offline to a digital platform is the best way to stay competitive in this industry.

    Now a days, customers desire something uniquely tailored based on what they want. Implementing a digital solution to your tourism and hospitality business can save time and effort and help you deal with new customers’ buying behaviour.

    Digitisation and automation can bring your services closer to your potential customers. When all the benefits and access are at their fingertips, it’s hard for your clients to be unsatisfied. Sit back and watch your business grow.

    How We Can Help

    We are ready to scale up your business by offering:

    Distribution System

    Provide innovative logistic operation systems to simplify the documents and transactions, increase the efficiency of operational activities, and improve customer experience. The systems allow the business owner to get relevant information about the shipment, real-time notification of each shipment status, and calculate estimated delivery times and routes.

    Custom Mobile Application Platform

    We are ready to emphasise your business and bring them closer to your potential customers by providing a custom mobile app with an intuitive UI/UX design.

    Order Management System

    We craft some strategies to support your supply chain management system. No matter what business you’re running and your channel, we can help you find what’s best for you.

    Tailored Business Strategy

    We are ready to find what you need for the business, gather data, provide advanced analytics information, and do some tests.

    Case Study

    Pass Point

    With the Pass Point App, the purchase process can be done faster and easier by the sailing club. In addition, this system also facilitates the payment process, crew management, and overall management.


    Eatwo mobile app provides many easy-to-use features that make an extraordinary dining experience. With patented matching technology, users can find a right-fit restaurant or match that can have dining together


    Chainshopper can bring the service closer to the customer, provide effectiveness of food ordering process that leads to more sales conversion, and create better customer experience that can promote brand reputation.


    Make your business noticeable to customers with creative designs that win customers’ attention