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    Reshaping the face of education with the latest technology to improve accessibility and effectiveness in learning.


    Technological advancement has changed how education is facilitated and delivered to students. It solves the problems in education, such as distance to support the learning process. By blending technology with education, such as e-learning, students can study anytime and anywhere they like.

    In our work, we combine the innovation and personal idea of the owner to make people’s dreams come true. We have a multidisciplinary team that can determine and build prototypes that can work effectively and are useful for a specific field.

    How We Can Help

    To cater to your specific needs in your education sector, Upscalix enables you with:

    Online Training App

    Since our mission is to find the best for you, we create an online training app that aligns with your values and budget. We offer a cost-effective platform with easy-to-customise plugins so that you can modify them based on your business needs.

    Online Course System

    Education is not only a way to elevate your employers’ skills but also a great way to escalate business. We create an engaging online course system that’s easy to use and host. Since it’s designed from scratch, we’ll combine your idea with high-functionality plugins that will smoothen the workflow, such as compliances, security, and integration tools.

    Test Assignment

    Nothing better than using test assignments when measuring your employers’ performance. We offer you simple, efficient, and intuitive user interface software that you can customise based on your needs. We make it easy to edit to ensure that it can support your company’s growth.

    Case Study


    We provide a remote approach and quick lesson delivery through this singing tutorial mobile app where the students can learn to sing anytime and anywhere. Also, we deliver custom adjustments so that the lesson can accommodate students’ needs.


    We put details to a breakthrough to induce more efficiency and effectiveness in your business.