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    We use digital technologies to integrate diverse workforces and provide real-time delivered information.


    Many construction companies employ physical laborers that have no time to learn how to use complicated new digital systems. Few technological solutions offer to adopt the needs of the construction industry which hinders laborers to willingly accept the challenge of digitisation.

    This is why we have come up with a solution to fill the gap:

    We create applications that can meet business needs with custom software and mobile application developments. We focus on what matters the most to a company and create a custom digital solution with a user-friendly interface, help them master it and then fine-tune it.

    How We Can Help

    As a digital agency, we implement technology to create innovation that can promote a simpler and better work environment. Also, we want construction managers to be able to perform their functions in an easy way through an engaging portal.

    Customer Centric Website

    A website will represent the purpose of its owner. Having a hard-to-use website will let you lose many potential customers. That’s why we ensure super friendly UI/UX to help the customer.

    Easy-to-Use System

    We want our work to make customers’ lives more straightforward. For this, we always provide an effective website system customised based on their needs so that they can use simple integration with responsive features as quickly as snapping their finger.

    Reliable Security System

    Malicious software can hack your website and infect your customers’ devices. Indeed, it will destroy the good reputation that you have built because you will lose customer trust and interest. We don’t want it to happen, so we armor our work with a highly trusted security system of data protection, privacy, authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation.

    Case Study

    Safety Roof Anchor

    Giving modern image in construction industry by providing modest yet effective website with a high security system.


    Providing top service on-demand support to boost more business revenues

    Marshal Structure

    Upscalix created a high-quality website where the company can communicate their value and leverage more sales.


    We create solutions that make your business less effort and gain higher revenue.