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    For Startup

    Are you a start-up business owner with many things to achieve but doesn’t know where to start? Or, you know how to get there but have some limitations, which mean you can’t go anywhere? We feel you, and we want to help you.

    As a Melbourne-based digital company, Upscalix uses digital transformation to implement technology in your business, assessing your problems, finding out what you need, and getting the solution.

    We believe that when you already know what matters the most, you’re halfway to your success. You need to tell your story to us, and we’ll work on it just for you.

    Upscalix, a Melbourne-based digital agency, uses a digital transformation to escalate your business by assessing your problems, finding out what you need, and getting the solution that meets your business requirements.

    We believe that when you already know what matters the most, you’re a half way to your success. Hence, we’ll assist you to find your business needs and reach your dream.

    What We Do

    As a one-stop-solution Victoria state digital company, we provide a wide range of expertise for start-up companies, such as

    Brainstorming and Initial Approach

    We help start-ups gather the best ideas for business, solve their problems, identify their needs, and choose the best business model to expand their business.

    Product Discovery

    We don’t want to create wasteful software, so in the product discovery stage, we’ll maximally explore your customers’ behavior to ensure we make the right product.

    UI and UX Design

    We decide on themes, designs, platforms, user interface, programming, etc., based on software specification documents in this phase. Reviews and feedback are always done to fulfil the client’s satisfaction

    Development and Testing

    We define the overall system’s architecture and examine the software to identify the mistake before it’s available to the users.

    App for Android

    With a large customer base, choosing Android can be the best way to expand your business. Upscalix is committed to assisting you with design, development, deployment, and enhancement that can run in Android.

    App for iOS

    We use modern programming languages wrapped with the latest technology to create customised apps with excellent features that can escalate your business.

    Product Support

    From installation to maintenance and pre- to post-purchase, we provide trustable resources and tools to help our clients extract value from our service.


    In this phase, our developers fix bugs or problems found in the software. Or, they add new features needed based on clients’ requests.

    Ready to Take a New Adventure?

    Upscalix experienced teams will help you to adapt digital transformation to your business in the most convenient way.